Frequently Asked Questions

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There are many satisfied (business) customers who will be happy tell you why they work through PanAtlas. Upon request, we can provide the names of some of our customers (after their approval).

Can I book tickets online?

Experience has proven that an online booking tool can only provide information about the availability of flights. Our method of working guarantees a far more comprehensive and creative approach. This provides us with a large advantage in comparison to online systems.

How can I book tickets?

Via e-mail or telephone. In both cases you receive a written confirmation. After extensive research of your request, the ticket(s) will be issued. After we receive payment, we will send you the necessary travel documents. By using electronic tickets, we can supply tickets worldwide.

Why is PanAtlas not a member of SGR?

SGR does not provide a financial guarantee for the purchase of separate airline tickets or charter flights. This is clearly explained on their website:

  • Individual airline tickets for scheduled flights are excluded from SGR coverage.
  • Individual car rental is excluded from SGR coverage.

However, for most tickets PanAtlas does provide an insurance for insolvancy of individual airlines. Please ask about the coverage on your ticket.

For packaged tours, PanAtlas works together with Silktravel (, which is a member of SGR. Therefore, these trips are protected through SGR-guarantee.

Why does SGR not insure airline tickets?

European law prohibits this. Please enquire further with SGR.

Who covers the insolvancy of airlines?

In principal the airlines themselves. They can run into a situation of financial insolvency, which stops them from executing their contractual obligation for transportation. Your ticket could become worthless. However, in most cases you are insured for this through PanAtlas. Please ask per booking about the coverage.

How can I pay?

After booking you will receive an invoice, which can be paid through a standard bank transfer. Usually a payment deadline of seven days applies, but exceptions are possible (esp. for tickets booked within seven days before departure). Payment with credit card is possible. However, given the high charges, 5% of the total amount will added to cover costs.

Can I also book groups with PanAtlas?

Most certainly. PanAtlas not only provides airline tickets to individuals, but also to groups. Please ask us for the possibilities.